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Kevin Chang DDS High School Scholarship Foundation


Dr Kevin Chang has always said, “It is the next generation of engineers that will build the bridges, the next generation of politicians to lead this nation, the next generation of scientists that will cure diseases, and the next generation of surgeons that will be operating on him!
Based on these premises and ideology, Dr Chang set out to help the next generation gain as much knowledge as possible. He set up scholarships ranging from $250-$500 to graduating high school seniors in these local schools: Oakmont, Woodcreek, Roseville, Granite Bay, Independence, and Rocklin.
To help the students get a real life experience, essays and interviews are conducted with Dr Kevin Chang himself.
One particular question that Dr Chang concocted that really gave him a run for his money was this one. “If you were to survive in life on one, and only one college level course, which one/topic would you choose and why?” The answers were amazing, ranging from science to math, to English to philosophy, to religion to fitness, to the sky being the limit.
Needless to say, Dr Chang is quite confident of the “next gen” surgeon when it is his time to be on the operating table.
To date, $17,500 have been donated to these well-deserving high school students for their journeys in life!

A Race to Give a Place to Live

Every year, Dr. Kevin Chang of Roseville hosts a go-kart charity event to help Sacramento foster children find permanent homes. This event not only raises money, but it also provides an everlasting experience for them and allows them to be children again for one day. The foster children get to race, eat lunch with people that care about them, have raffle prizes and goody bags, and they get colorful event t-shirts to wear and bring home.
It is extremely sad when the Sierra Forever Families director tells me that "These children do not know what a hug is." Or, when the parent of a recently adopted child finds her daughter still rummaging through the family garbage for food.
$20,000 have been raised the past 3 events and an infinite number of smiles put on children's faces. Please help support the cause and remember, it is all about the children!